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How do I get my trophy in the book?

There are a set of rules and requirements that must be met before your trophy will be accepted into one of our record books. As with all creditable record books, the act of "ethical hunting" and "fair chase" is a must for all records to be considered for entry. Please read the following rules and the subsequent suggested steps in getting recognition for your trophy.

Good Luck!

Rules and Requirements

  1. All entries must have been taken in the state for which book you with to enter (i.e., in Oregon if you want  to submit an entry for the Record Book for Oregon's Big Game Animals).
  2. All entries must have been taken legally as prescribed by the Fish & Wildlife Department of state where killed, and in accordance with the fair chase rules as defined by the Boone & Crockett Club®.
  3. All entries must have a 60 air-drying period (this means all flesh and hide have to be completely removed from the skull or skull plate before the drying period begins. Drying in open air only).
  4. All entries must be measured by an official Boone & Crockett®, Pope & Young®, or a measurer certified by NW Big Game, Inc.
  5. All entries are subject to final approval by the NW Big Game, Inc. record book committee.
  6. Each entry must be submitted with a $30.00 recording fee ($15.00 per shed or turkey entry). Include an additional $5.00 for a personalized certificate featuring artwork by Tom Schillinger.

Suggested Steps for Submitting an Entry

  1. Be honest with yourself that your hunt and your trophy meet rules 1 & 2 above!
  2. 60 days after the drying period begins (see above), locate an official measurer in your area.
  3. If you have killed a deer or elk in Oregon or Washington, be sure you review the species boundary maps for each species with the measurer. This will ensure that your trophy is entered in the correct sub-category.
  4. If after your official measurer scores your trophy and your trophy meets the minimum score requirements for the state in which you made the kill, then fill in your personal and hunt information on the official "Scoresheet" supplied by the measurer, then have the measurer or yourself submit the entry form with a check (made out to NW Big Game, Inc.) to the following address:

    NW Big Game, Inc.
    PO Box 834
    John Day, Oregon  97845

How to Submit a Trophy Photo

  1. If you have a trophy that you've submitted to one our books for entry, we would enjoy getting a quality photo. We ask that all of the follow apply:
    • The Photo be at least 4x6 in size, or at least 300dpi(for digital).
    • The Photo be tasteful, ethical, and of the actual trophy submitted.
    • The Photo is of the trophy in the field, with or without you in it, in an appropriate position.
  2. Send us only a clean, unbent, copy of your photo. Once we have it we retain the right to use it to our disgression and it will not be returned.
  3. Do NOT staple or paper-clip it to anything when sending it.
  4. Put it in a photo safe envelope when sending in the mail.
  5. Please be sure to include a note with the details (hunters name, species, hunting method, year taken, and final score)
  6. Send all digital photos to our email address: nwbiggame @ yahoo.com
  7. Send all photographs to the following address:

    NW Big Game, Inc.
    PO Box 834
    John Day, Oregon  97845
  8. You can also show it off on our website and Facebook page by sending it to us via Facebook.
  9. Sending or submitting a photo for the record books or the field photos section of our website does NOT guarantee that we will use it.

The only thing you have left to do after that is order your new record book when it comes out!

If you have a trophy or trophy story, please contact us or one of our official measurers. We would love to hear about it!

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