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Measurers For Oregon

Dan Smith Astoria, OR 503-325-6044 OR State
Eldon Buckner Baker City, OR 541-523-6109 B&C
Nathan Hull Baker City, OR 541-523-3308 OR State
Mark Johnston Bandon, OR 541-217-1194 OR State
Tim Rozewski Bend, OR 503-330-8589 B&C
Alfred Adams Bonanza, OR 916-715-4249 B&C
Jerry Bernards Carlton, OR 503-852-6751 OR State
Brian Samuel Central Point, OR 541-830-5372 OR State
Jerry Donovan Columbia City, OR 503-397-6737 OR State
Dan Muse Coos Bay, OR 541-260-1713 P&Y
Stanley Miles Corvallis, OR 503-753-8945 P&Y
Gordon Childers Crooked River, OR 541-548-8929 B&C
Sam L. Wilkins Crooked River Ranch, OR 541-699-6198 B&C
Larry Griffin Culver, OR 503-319-5044 B&C
Travis Henson Eagle Point, OR 541-499-1444 B&C
Ren Parker Eugene, OR 541-915-2207 OR State
Steven Mazzola Grants Pass, OR 541-761-1683 P&Y
Todd Hueckman Hines, OR 541-573-5934 OR State
Tom Schillinger Hines, OR 541-573-6398 B&C
Dennis King Jacksonville, OR 541-899-7330 OR State
Eddie Heid Jamieson, OR 541-473-3345 OR State
David Morris John Day, OR 541-530-2749 B&C
Dale Dotson Joseph, OR 541-432-0104 OR State
Matthew Fiorito Junction City, OR 541-999-0334 OR State
Danny Benson Klamath Falls, OR 541-947-5107 OR State
Joe Hutchison Klamath Falls, OR 541-891-6619 P&Y
Mark Penninger La Grande, OR 541-963-4238 OR State
Doug Girdner La Grande, OR 541-963-7063 OR State
Toni Lynde La Pine, OR 541-410-8021 B&C
Chuck Lynde La Pine, OR 541-410-8031 P&Y
John Stone Lebanon, OR 541-259-2697 B&C
Donald Ranjus Malin, OR 541-723-4371 P&Y
Aaron Freitas Malin, OR 541-274-1950 P&Y
Allen Sedey Medford, OR 541-840-3236 OR State
Shelley K. Nasby North Bend, OR 541-290-0871 B&C
James Schrader North Bend, OR 541-756-1415 B&C
John Milleson Ontario, OR 541-889-4651 OR State
Tim Brown Oregon City, OR 503-711-1178 B&C
Robert Stahl Pendleton, OR 541-969-8045 P&Y
Dean Davis Prineville, OR 541-350-3040 B&C
Bryan Piper Redmond, OR 541-504-8951 B&C
David Heffner Roseburg, OR 541-643-4429 B&C
Terry Smith Siletz, OR 541-444-2311 OR State
Larry Jones Springfield, OR 541-741-0263 P&Y
Josh Knoebel Springfield, OR 541-525-6164 P&Y
Parry Hurliman Tillamook, OR 503-842-5190 OR State
Karl Evanow Crescent City, CA 707-464-7980 B&C

If you have a trophy or trophy story, please contact us or one of our official measurers. We would love to hear about it!

2015 180" California ..

New Number Four BUll ..

2016 The Last Year of ..

New Oregon State Record ..

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