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Colby Lundstrom with his New Oregon State Record Archery Bull
Record Archery Bull
my first bull over 320
Nets are for fish!!
Last day buck 2005
Me with my 2005 general season bull
2005 black powder Mule Deer
2004 Blackpowder Mule Deer
Archery kill 2005
Rifle 2006
picture taken by step son in sweethome mountains 6x6 bull
My first buck
14 point whitetail
Sled Springs Elk
4x5 Blacktail
2006 Fall Wild Turkey Hunt
firt bull 7x10
My first Ore. antelope
first mule deer buck
tim McLagan's SW Oregon Bear 18  15/16
Casey Pariani with his first blacktail deer
Widest Buck In Oregon
7x4 Blacktail
4 point mule deer taken with a Savage 25-06 in Umatilla County in 2005.
once in a lifetime hunt
bugled to five yards
my first goat
My First Bear
Eastern Oregon Muley- 2006
My biggest buck
travis orr with mule deer
Owyhee Unit mule deer 2007.
Fall Black Bear
Great Non-Typical Whitetail
Lucky Larry's Bull
One shot Dakota
Holt Morris with September Mulie
Forked Horn Mulie
Spring Bear, B & C 19 8/16
Big Douglas County Three Point!
2007 Union county rifle Mule deer.
From the Good Old Days
Lisa`s first deer!
Lisa`s first deer!
nice bulls
Brothers (left) Kevin G. (Mid.) Ryan G. (right) Branden G.
New State Record Mule Deer
Western Oregon Blacktail
82 0/8's  Boone and Crockett
Biggest buck
Great Sheep
Georgia Good Ole' Boy Does Good
Number two
Smokey Creek ram
Non-Typical Roosevelt Elk Do Exist
Youth State Record Black Bear
B&C Awards Bear
High County Goat
Nice Hooks
Unoffical net score 292 2/8
My 1st bear ever! Measured 20
This is my first blacktail buck
Dennis's Bull
Matt's B&C Ram
B&C Mountain Goat
Spring bear
Nice Black Bear
B&C Blacktail
Bill Mulder
Kevin Esterline
Donald Cox
Jason Glueck
Scott Allen
Evan Wright
Ken Mellow
Gregg Harvey
John Armstrong
John's Pronghorn
Jame's Bull
Cory's Pronghorn
Ray's Pronghorn
Tom's Bull
Dean's Buck
Lee's Bull
Don's Buck
Lindsay's Buck
Youth Archery Cascade Black Tail
2007- Buck
one thing on his mind
State Record
Billie's Pronghorn
Doug's Buck
Charles' Buck
Karen's Buck
Tim's Bull
Allan's Buck
Jevon's Bull
Peter's Bull
Frank's Bull
Mike's Buck
My Trophy Buck
John Gander Pronghorn
Hadley Anderson with her first.  Not bad for a 13 year old.
Last Day Buck
My 2007 Archery Bull
First Ore. Antelope
2006 Archery Columbian Whitetail
Steens Mtn. Non-typical muley
once in a lifetime 9x7 mule deer
2007 Trask Unit Blacktail
Large male cougar taken in 2004
My biggest blacktail (3x3)
My biggest mulie, so far...
Paul's Biggest
1992, doesn't get much better
October 15, 2007
10-31-07, My first buck taken in the Sixes Unit.
11-1-2007, My first buck a nice 15 inch wide Forked horn from the Sixes Unit.
Eugene's Bear
Chad's First Elk
3x3 Blacktail
Belen's Bear
Roy's Bear
Piebald Turkey
It was during a typical coastal wind and rain storm.  He was about 75 yards away when I spotted him beded down.  All I could see was horns.
Alex's 3X4Buck
Patrick Bailey's 4x4 Blacktail in the Snow!
Oregon Archery Blacktail
Ryan's Buck
168 6/8 Abert Rim
Josh Hamilton
Josh's Bull
Josh's Pronghorn
Casey's buck
Bill's Pronghorn
2008 Archery oregon roosevelt bull
Lee Wagner Buck
Winnie Browning - Juniper Unit Pronghorn
First Bull with Bow
2008 Archery Blacktail
Non typical Mule deer
Traditional Archery Buck
2008 Archery Black Bear
2008 Archery Harvest a huge bodied 5X6
2008 5x6 Rocky Mountain Elk
Saddle Mountian Roosevelt
i dropped this nice three point with great eye gaurds, he scored unofficially at 124 b&c after his deductions
6x6 cascade roosevelt
5x4 killed on last day of  08 season
Nice Blacktail
First Hunt - First Deer - First Shot
20 inch blacktail
Willamette Valley 4x4
First 20 minutes of the season
Rob Shaw Number two in Oregon
Crook County archery Buck 2008
Nice 4X4. 24
2008 Archery Bull scores 276 & 5/8
Dana's Bear
thanks to glenn berrys sleezy cow call/dad
thanks john,alan,and esa JR GOOD HUNT.
happy thanksgiveing!!!!!!!!
hunting buddys
5x6 buck , his back forks have a third point , shot with a .243
Tim's Bull
Chris Jackson
4x4 mule deer, 31 and 3/4 spread
Kelseys first deer
15 inch antelope with a 1 inch kicker on the right prong
Jarrid's 4x4 on the left. Jace's 4x3 on the right.
 4x5  first buck
Blacktail Buck Western Oregon
My most exciting Kill
First mule deer
Eric Koegler
Jim Steidley, his buck on right, Wayne's on left,  August 2008
Wayne Tuttle, Malhuer Unit, Aug 2008
6x7  rocky mountain/cascade roosevelt elk
Me and the one I have waited for.
My Monster Buck
First Archery Elk - 2008 6x6
Tour of the Northwest
Non-Typical Mulies
Big Typicals
Tour of the NW
Oregon's Top 150
Oregon's Greatest Elk
Jack O' Connor Trailer
Jack O' Connor Grand Slam
Omaha, Nebraska
SHoshoni Winds-Northwest Big Game Museum
Shaun Fletcher
Tom Thompson
Jerry D. Tower
David Hopkes
Jason M. Warner
Dave M. Seida
Ben Hogevoll
My Record Book Buck
10 pt True Coastal Blacktail
My Third Buck
Mat Wildman western blacktail
Josh's Buck
mossberg did the job
only 10 mins in the field!
Mothers Day Turkey!!
5x5 blacktail
Rifle 6x6 Roosevelt Bull, Coos county
Shaun's Roosevelt Elk
Rich's Rocky Mountain Elk
Jerry's Rocky Mountain Elk
Josh's Rocky Mountain Elk
Jason's Roosevelt Elk
Dave's Mule Deer
Jesse's California Bighorn Sheep
Dan's California Bighorn Sheep
Cole's Western Blacktail
Ruth's Columbian Blacktail
John's Black Bear
Tyson's Black Bear
Mariah's Turkey
Amber's Youth Non Typical Mule Deer
TJ's Youth Turkey
Twenty inch wide forked-horn
Nice blacktail
Big Turkey
Ben's Mule Deer
Britni's Mule Deer, youth.
Jared's Cascade Blacktail
Billy's Cascade Blacktail
Chris's Cascade Blacktail, youth
Shelby's Columbian Blacktail, youth
Randy's Western Blacktail
Tim's Turkey
Matt's Turkey
Jeff's Black Bear
Mark's Cascade Blacktail
Randy's Cascade Blacktail
Carla's Black Bear
He walked on air for at least two weeks!
my first nice archery rosevelt bull 6x6 with matching devil tines
18 inch forked horn blacktail
Roosevelt Elk
First Antelope
first archery antelope
Opening Day
7x7 Roosevelt Bull
First Blacktail
Brandon Haflich Age 13 with his First Buck
first archery elk
Awesome Season
Awesome Archery Season
13.5in pronhorn
1st  Pronghorn 2009 Rifle
Scored 170
bighorn sheep
Called this one in close.
Rifle 2009
My biggest buck, he is 28 wide and 20 tall.
2009 Rifle Mule Deer
Bad Boy from Malheur County
2009 Trout Creek mountains buck
2009 Blacktail Legends
Huge Blacktail Deer
Legendary Blacktail 2009 Tour
Nice 3 point Blacktail.
Opening Morning
First Oregon Blacktail
Travis' first elk killed in Murderers creek unit 2009
12 year old Anthony Strangis' 2009 Blacktail
Bull of a Life Time!
OSP Has It Now
2009 Roosevelt 5 x 6
Arnie Peasley
Anthony Strangis 2009 OR blacktail (Youth)
Forked Horn
Tree stand Blacky
2nd archery buck Sixes Unit.
The result of hunting season 2009
first buck i shot in i think about 3 years
Black Powder Blacktail
erics 6x5 2009 tioga
2009 blacktail
2005 Big R winner
Steamy lens!
7x6 Whitetail  with a bow
2009 Grant County archery Bull taken by Kevin Backes. Rough score Pope&Young 326 4/8 net 321 3/8
California Bighorn Sheep Green Scored 166 6/8
Jess' trophy buck
Lucky Hunting Partner
Fort Rock unit, non-typical
Mike Pense with 7x8
pronghorn 2009
First buck a good one
Sarah Matney's Cascade Blacktail
Black Bear 07
Nine years old
happy hunter biggest buck ever
my friends daughter cassie
1st Buck......what a Doozy!
Archery buck
Judy Berry's 118 Western Blacktail
Best in the Northwest
My Buck of a Lifetime
2008 Oregon mule deer gross score 185 net score 167 5/8 hunter Jack Fowler
Pete Gray's 09 Pronghorn
My first buck
Packing him out!
first buck
Buck Gurney
My first turkey
12 year old bags record buck
6 am first morn
79 5/8 Green Score
7x7 Roosevelt Bull taken by Mark Becker of Gold Beach
big buck for heath
the big hoss
2010 Rocky Mt. 6x6 Oregon Archery Bull
2010 Last Minute Bull
Mass. hooks, and cutters! This buck has it all!
5x6 scored 310 mounted by 3L taxidermy
Joseph Whitetail 2010
6 x 8 Roosevelt elk
My First Blacktail...
typical mule deer
monster cascade rosie
Mike's 1st Elk
2010 Black Powder Bull
Opening day Buck
Cole's 3rd Western Blacktail Buck 2010
First archery buck
My big buck
7x7 Oregon Roosevelt Archery #20
We call him Romeo
After hunting blacktail all my life I thought I had shot thee biggest buck of my life last year than came this buck with blackpowder.
5x4 whitetail 130 class
Trask Bull
One Happy Oregonian
Scott's bull scores 293 2/8 and ranks 42nd in the archery category.
Blackpowder Blacktail
cody muse 2010 youth hunt nice old 3x5
130 Class..?? I Think So.
7x8 Bull Gross Score 355
2009 Archery Antelope
81 2/8 Boone and Crockett buck taken by Riley Morgan in Baker County, Oregon.  2010
Ryan Girres shot this buck off hand at 70 yards.b&c gross score of 131 0/8.
Rob Quaempts 9/11/10 Goat
3x3 blacktail taken in lane county 2010
270 Archery Bull
2010 Cougar
1447/8 3 point
20 years of hard work pay off.  Father & son combine on this 307
Opening day 2010 Cascade rifle elk season.  313 2/8
state record velvet blacktail
 blacktail deer
Taylor Johnson (12) First Buck
Living to Hunt
A perfect day
Dandy  6x7
Curiosity killed the buck!
7x8 buck taken 2010
First Bruin
3x3 Blacktail
this was probably one of the biggest bucks taken in the area for along time. all i will say is it was about 1.5 miles from the base of mt.hood
2010 Cascade Roosevelt Elk, 266 B&C
Heppner archery bull
Ryan Cramer
This picture is taken with my niece, Brooke, just after we returned home from our hunt.
Blacktail Branches
2011 Archery Bull
Opening Day Blacktail
4x4 Coastal Blacktail
Doug's first deer 2011
400+ last day of deer season in 2011. BIG BOY!!!
2011 Jug Head
167 Calif Bighorn
P&Y 154 5/8 Columbian Blacktail
2011 Muzzleloader Blacktail
cody johnson nwbg record 19 11/16
archery velvet cascade blacktail
first big game animal shot him with my 308. at 75 yards
Ricks First Archery Buck
My first bear scored 20 13/16!!
my 4X4 columbia blacktail typical Buck net score, 136 4/8
Good as it gets.
Bud Osborn 210 Cascade Archery bull
An amazing season!!
An amazing opening day! Got my Cinnamon!
An incredible start to an amazing season!!
2010 - 224 Non-typical Mule Deer
Perseverence pays off
all thanks to my hunting buddies and dad for teaching me how to hunt
Two old bucks.
2011 Rocky Mt Ram
2010 High Cascade Buck
A decade in the making!
scored 133 and had a spread of 20 28 not bad for a coast buck.
Will's early morning trophy
Taken in August 2005 at 20 yards, scored 14 10/16.
My first antelope scored 73
scored 121
California Bighorn Sheep Pottamus
The Big Brute
Great Gene Pool
2012 Successful Year!
blacktail deer during the rut
Cascade Roosevelt Elk 2008
Marty Dillavou's 6X6 bull taken in Bly Oregon
Massive Forked Horn Mulie
Ethan Parker, Age 14, First Buck, WOW!
Ray Miller Interstate Bull
Jon Duerst with whitetail buck
First rifle bull
97420 nontipical double bearded tom
God and you and me
4pt. western blacktail
big buck down!
4X5 mule deer
Leach Family Scores some nice bucks in 2013
First Mule Deer
So it snot a mule deer...
2 PM on a sunny day...
1st day ? Nah... Yah???
Last minue of the last day...
My very first bear
2nd ELK HUNT, 2nd ELK
Oregon's Largest Whitetail Deer
Archery Roosevelt's Elk
Columbian Whitetail
crown bull
Halloween Buck
This buck score @ 133 7/8
Kasidee Davis 12 years old - 1st buck
Columbian Whitetail - Velvet
2013 Treasure
My first record buck
2014 Archery Cascade Blacktail!
Sally Aldrich with first pronghorn antelope
2014 Last Day Bull
Monster Rut bucks
Brent and Brian Sackett with Brian's buck!
The bull I called
108 inch forky from evans Creek unit
Finally after 12 years we drew
Roosevelt Bull Elk-macho
Roosevelt Bull Elk-macho
First archery Blacktail
First mule deer
20 Inch Bear
Youth Rifle buck
best bull I ever killed
California Bighorn, E. Deschutes. 6 1/2 yrs old, scored 162
Mikes 300 1/8 Roosevelt Elk
Left: Brother-inlaw Kurt Wallace. Center Dad Dan Kelley. Right Tag Holder Tyson Kelley
Rocky Mountain Archery Bull
Jesse looking down at his 327 bull. Not bad for a 15 year old kid.
Dave Rossetto
Pretty cool this guy made the record book with a score of 78
Wenaha Wilderness Bull
Wenaha Wilderness Bull
Wenaha Wilderness Bull
Wenaha Wilderness Bull 2
Wenaha Wilderness Bull 3
Ukiah bull
Minam Cougar
Boone &  Crockett 20 7/16
Top 10 archery bull
2015 180" California ..

New Number Four BUll ..

2016 The Last Year of ..

New Oregon State Record ..

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