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Oregon's Triple Crown of Deer Hunting

December 30, 2006

As I checked the ODFW website for my 2004 hunt results I found I was successful in drawing my 100 series deer tag, my 200 series elk tag and my 600 series additional deer tag. Since I had applied for the the 600 series West Blue Mts. hunt with my good friend David Morris director of the Record Book for Oregon. I decided to call him up and do some more bragging. I knew we had both drew the 600 series tag and David had also drew the 100 series mule deer tag but for a different unit then I had. David was extremely disappointed because he hadn't drew his 800 series tag. It was Oregon's last year for the 800 additional series tag. He was trying to draw an 800 series blacktail tag and be the first known successful hunter to draw and harvest three deer tags all in one state for three different species, whitetail, mule deer and blacktail deer. The tricky part was to accumulate enough points to apply for and draw all three atgs without drawing one of three or two of three as David had. After ending our conversation, I was thinking about the 800 series tag he was talking and wondered how many points I had when I applied to it. So I went back to the ODFW website as I scolled down through my successful draw results 100 series, 200 series, 600 series in utter disbelief I saw another successful 800 series additional deer tag. I was so excited about drawing my 1st three choices I hadn't thought to check my 800 series results. I immediately called David back to tell him the news, the way it turned out what he had been trying to accomplish I had lucked into the draw. He said he was reasonably sure that no one had done it before or he would of heard about it. One hunter drawing all three tags and completing Oregon's Triple Crown to harvest a blacktail deer, a whitetail deer and a mule deer in the same year. Since two of my three hunts were muzzleloader hunts I decided to try and complete my attempt for the triple crown all with a muzzleloader. You can read the rest of my story on page 345 of the 4th edition of the Record Book for Oregon's Big Game Animals. by Larry Griffin

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